Binary Options profit calculator online – Calculate profits & losses

Binary Options trading is a form of “all or nothing” investments. You will need a successful trading strategy to be in profit long-term. By using our profit calculator, you can calculate your overall profit easily.

Put in here the amount how much money you invest per trade.

This is the yield/return of one Binary Options trade on your broker.

Put in here the amount of winning trades.

Put in here the amount of losing trades.

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(Risk warning: Trading is risky)

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(Risk warning: Trading is risky)

How to use the Binary Options profit calculator

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By calculating your Binary Options profits, you insert the investment amount into our calculator. Ask yourself: What is the average investment amount? We recommend using money management of 0.5 – 3% of the account balance per trade.

In the next field, you insert the return/yield of the Binary Option. The return depends on the broker you choose and the asset you trade. Add the value in the form of the percentage (%).

Now you can add the amount of winning trades and losing trades. The calculator will calculate the overall profit or loss below!

Most asked questions about the Binary Options profit and loss calculator:

Is the Binary Options calculator free?

Yes, our calculator is free. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want.

How much profit can I make with Binary Options?

`The maximum profit of Binary trading is around 80 – 100% per trade. It all depends on the broker of your choice and the chosen asset to trade. For example, some Binary Options brokers are offering a profit of up to 100%, but not on all assets.

Can I calculate losses in Binary Options trading?

Yes, with our calculator, you can calculate losses. For example, if you got 10 losing trades and 5 winning trades, we will calculate the overall loss.

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