Are Binary Options Signals a scam or not?

The low financial risk and lack of order slippage make binary options some of the most popular financial instruments to trade. Regardless of whether you go long or short, you will enjoy the peace of mind of having limited risk.

That said, you need a proper trading plan to make profits consistently. Creating a tried-and-tested strategy takes time and expertise. New and experienced traders use binary options signal providers to make the right calls and grow their wealth.

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These providers use several methods to determine the correct times to enter and exit trades. Traders that subscribe to these services get access to this information in real time.

But how reliable are these signals? Are they helpful at all or yet another source of misinformation? We break down everything you need to know about binary options trading signals providers in this post.

What are Binary Options Trading Signals?

Binary options trading signals, sometimes known as binary options alerts, are notifications from professional traders and companies to help traders make profitable trades.

These signals can help save time and make profits even at a lower level of trading expertise. Binary options alert services interpret market trends and asset price behaviors and report them to their subscribers.

Typically, you receive trade entry and exit levels of specific binary options to help you make profits.

Not all binary options alert providers support all types of binary options. The most common binary options types you will be notified about include:

  1. Put and call binaries: These will give you a directional view of stipulated price movement. The values are determined when the options expire.
  2. Above and below binaries: These are similar to put and call binaries in that they involve a directional view. However, they have trigger levels that can lead to an early exit from the position.
  3. Range binaries: Range binary options have a scope within or outside of which the price will end up at expiration. These are the right signals to use if you’re range trading or using a range breakout strategy.
  4. Double one-touch or double no-touch binaries: These range binaries have two barrier levels that lead to an early exit if touched. These can be used as an alternative to range binaries.

Most binary options signal providers offer timely trading suggestions about one or more of these basic types of binary options.

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How Binary Options Signal Providers Work

Typically, signal providers send traders notifications on their phones via SMS or email. In addition, some providers have a web interface that allows customers to monitor calls, while others offer downloadable software that you can install on your computer.

Trading experts and providers on a lower budget often use free services like Telegram and Skype to send traders signals.

Most binary options signal providers do not provide automatic trade execution features unless the provider is a trade copying service. Therefore, you will need to watch for signals to occur and execute them manually yourself.

This aspect of binary options signal providers differentiates them from fully automated trading platforms such as Meta Trader 4.

How to Find the Right Binary Options Signals Provider

While most binary options signal providers are safe, the signals provider market does have its fair share of scams. Learning to pick the right signals service provider is critical for you to be safe.


The most important thing you must check is whether the provider offers verifiable evidence of respectable signal accuracy by their algorithms in a live environment.

A good track record with consistently positive returns is an indicator of a quality signal provider. A signal accuracy rate of >70% is common among the best binary options alerts providers. Another critical feature is notification speed. You will only make a profit if you receive the signal in time. Positive reviews and good customer rapport help establish the credibility of the service provider.

Top Binary Options Signal Providers

Based on the several criteria highlighted above, we’ve shortlisted the best binary options signals providers you can sign up with.

#1 Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade is based in the UK and provides premium forex signals through a private Telegram channel. With it, you will be able to trade binaries on forex and crypto markets. The service sends between three and five verified signals to subscribed traders every day.

Learn2trade website

You can expect to make 30% to 40% profits with the money you invest in Learn 2 Trade’s signals.

Another advantage of Learn 2 Trade is that it offers several guides to help you learn how to trade. The signals are put together by some of the industry’s brightest traders. The expertise of these traders, combined with machine learning and AI technologies, makes for the most accurate signals.

Once the algorithm spots a potential money-making opportunity, it puts together a trading suggestion that you can access on the Telegram channel. You will receive signals about major and minor forex pairs and cryptocurrencies in real-time.

You can join the Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel for free, and if the signals make you money, subscribe to receive VIP signals that can make you more money. Overall, the Learn 2 Trade is the right signal service to join if you’ve not had any experience with binary options alerts before.

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#2 Binary Options Pro Signals

An asset will only make you money if it is correctly analyzed, then tracked, and delivered to you in time. Binary Options Pro Signals sends traders signals through SMS and email whenever it finds a high-profit probability trade.

Binary Options pro Signals website

The service boasts an excellent track record, delivering signals that fetch profits with 72.5% accuracy. But the best part about Binary Options Pro Signals is that you don’t have to:

  1. Follow complicated formulas
  2. Use a robot or a tool
  3. Waste time and effort on anything other than placing the order

The company’s advanced algorithm delivers between six and 12 signals per day to traders, explaining the price’s exact direction and expiry time. The proprietary trading algorithm helps traders ensure that they make money whether the market is up or down.

The 72.5% accuracy ensures that 72 out of 100 trades you place make you money. Furthermore, if you sign up with the right brokerage, you should get a return of 75% or more on every trade. Even if you’ve not made a single trade in your life, making money trading binaries should be hassle-free with the service’s easy-to-follow signals.

Once you receive the signal on your phone or email, all you need to do is feed the details of the signal into your broker account.

The signal will come with every detail, including the asset, entry price, direction, and expiry. Then, all you have to do is watch the signal materialize and make you money.

Using a system developed by expert traders is akin to paying a professional trader to give you hints every day. In addition, Binary Options Pro Signals is continually tweaked to improve its accuracy, so you can be sure that you’re receiving more signals that are more accurate every day.

How to Use Binary Options Pro Signals

To receive signals from Binary Options Pro Signals, you must pay for a monthly subscription that starts at $97 a month. Binary Options Pro Signals is among the more affordable signals providers in the industry since established signal providers typically charge twice as much for access.

Binary Options pro Signals wins and losses

The company allows customers to get a feel for their services using the 14-day trial. To access Binary Options Pro Signals for 14 days, you will need to pay $14 with no further obligation to keep paying for the service.

Once you subscribe, you will get between six and 12 signals on average, lifetime updates to the tool, access to an exclusive member’s area, and a list of recommended binary options brokerages. The member’s area is rich with tips and information to push your trading skills to new heights. If you end up not liking the service, you can make use of the 60-day money-back guarantee and get your money back.

#3 Binary Today 5

Seeing success in five-minute trades can be challenging. Making profits in these trades requires in-depth market research in short periods.

Binary Today 5 website

Stipulating with certainty that a specific asset’s price will move up or down requires a methodological approach focusing on historical data. Carrying out the necessary research can be difficult, and most traders overlook five-minute trades and place orders with longer expiry times. Binary Today 5 has a trading system with multiple filters that ensure bad signals are never sent to traders. The system focuses on historical analysis to determine the trend’s direction.

If you’re looking for a service that sends you profitable signals right out of the box, Binary Today 5 is the right option for you. You can opt to receive alerts on your email, via SMS, or directly on MetaTrader4.

Some of the best features of the service include:

  • 81% win rate
  • News filters
  • Market analysis filters
  • Trade assistants
  • Live trading results
  • Lifetime free updates and support
  • Signals available for all currency pairs

Binary Today 5 doesn’t require any add-on tools or other platforms to work. With every update, the software is adjusted to the latest market conditions to ensure you win no matter the market’s climate. The company provides several free updates – including new filters and technologies – annually. It gives binary options traders access to all the signals they’d want and boasts more features than any other signals tool in the market.

Binary Today 5 Growth

If you’re looking for a signal provider service for short-term trades, you cannot go wrong with Binary Today 5.

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#4 Auto Binary Signals

When you plan to invest, you take a large sum of money and decide where to invest it.

Getting Auto Binary Signals is one of the best ways to ensure that your money makes you more money. With the solution handy, you can find and analyze present market trends in one click. You can then place orders depending on the signals that appear on the dashboard. The software was designed by Rodger Pierce, who is known for his success in binary options trading. The successful trader and educator spend nine years researching binary options to create this signals service that makes traders profit from the first week of use.

Auto Binary Signals

To use the program, all you need to do is input the trends you’re looking to invest in. Then, the program will save the information, and the signal provider will continually look for the requested trends. When it detects a profit opportunity, you will be notified by a pop-up window with trends and can place an order. In addition, you will also see the percentage chance of you making a profit on the respective signal.

Some of the best features of Auto Binary Signals are:

  • Auto Binary Signals does not require any downloading and is easy to use. After you register and complete payment, you will be able to access the member area’s signals instantly.
  • You can use the bot on any device’s browser. You could get signals and trade binaries on the move from your phone or do it on a terminal.
  • You will receive signals around the clock for all kinds of assets – from currency pairs to stocks and commodities.
  • Every signal will come with a description, making it easy to understand why you should place a certain order. Auto Binary Signals maintains 100% transparency with traders, giving them access to the full signal analysis and allowing them to make the right call themselves.
  • The company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee, making it a no-brainer.

Conclusion: Signals can upscale your trades

Binary options signals are a legitimate tool that traders of all skill levels use to make money trading binaries. That said, the market has its fair share of scams.

But now that you know what to look for in a binary options alerts provider and are acquainted with the market’s top options, you should have no trouble finding the right service for your needs.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

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