How to make money with Binary Options trading: Tutorial

Binary options contracts have defined risk and a clearly defined outcome. The outcome of binary options is either you can make good money, or you will lose. When the markets go against the person, it’s easy to find out how much you could lose. Likewise, if they don’t, you know exactly how much profit you can make, making this a controlled yet exciting trading method.

Despite not being a trader or financial specialist, you may already be familiar with binary options due to their phenomenal growth. Despite the fact that binary options have been around for a long time, they didn’t become popular until online trading platforms emerged.

In this guide, we want to talk about how to make money with Binary Options in real. Read our best tips!

Make money on Binary Options

Guide on how to make money with binary option:

It’s the trade-off between profit and loss that determines whether a binary options trade is successful. No single trade can make a profit. The goal here is to build a trading system that helps you produce a reasonable return over a long period. Follow these tips to get started.

Understand candlestick charts

By studying past price movements, you can predict some of the price movements you’ll see in binaries. The candlestick chart essentially shows you this information. At first glance, charts can appear complicated, but once you’ve learned the basics and the common candlestick patterns, they’re quite easy to read.

Candlestick patterns shadow and body

Look at the price history of the underlying assets

It is not gambling to trade binary options for profit. Rolling the dice or flipping the coin is not an option. Knowledgeable traders can identify binaries that will expire in the money using data and information. Most importantly, the recent market activity provides a good indication of whether the asset will expire in the money.

Observe and follow pricing trends

It’s a bad idea to bet on a reversal of the price of gold if it has been rising for the last couple of days. If IBM shares continue to plummet, don’t assume the price will magically increase if buying pressure arises.

Take a look at the current IBM chart:

Investing in short-term binary options with a trend is a good strategy. Opposing trends is risky.

Mortgage payments are not to be bet on

Whatever you think – or believe – about binary options, don’t risk your grocery money if you believe that it can’t possibly go wrong. Binaries are risky investments. After the expiration of your trade, an idea or tip from a friend might prove to be correct. Be cautious with your bankroll. Do your research.

Make a demo account and gain some experience

Demo accounts are available from several brokers. Using the practice accounts, you can practice trading without risking your own money. You can find many reputable binary options brokers; They all provide a binary options trading platform that you can use.

Demo account
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Ways to make money through Binary Options trading:

Let’s continue with a quick rundown of the many sorts of binary you can trade for profit. Up and down options (also called call/put options and the high/low options) are the most basic. When the Option expires, you estimate whether the cost of the underlying asset would be greater or lower. 

One-touch options are straightforward. Before the Option expires, you must anticipate whether the asset’s price will “touch” a specified price. This sort of instrument is available at most binary options brokers. As previously stated, one-touch trading is forecasting whether the price of an asset will reach a specific level before the trade ends.

Highs and lows

This level can be higher or lower than the starting price. If the goal price is attained, your transaction becomes profitable right away. The deal is closed, and the payoff is transferred into the account (you’ll know the possible return and payout ahead of time).

Range options can also be traded. You estimate whether an asset’s price will remain within, or even move outside, a particular range, whereas the Option is active with these binaries (i.e., until it expires).

These three forms of binary options cover the bulk of instruments. However, they differ in expiration time (some are valid for 60 seconds, while others are valid for hours) and the underlying asset (commodities, stocks, indices, and currencies).

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

How to make consistent profits from Binary Options?

1. Select the most appropriate trading asset

The first step a trader must make before entering the market is which asset to trade. The binary options market enables traders to guess the prices of more than 150 financial assets, including stocks, forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

Because binary options are based on price movement, traders must choose assets with sufficient liquidity and volatility. EURUSD, Oil, USDJPY, and Gold are examples of such assets.

Most profitable assets

Traders must also trade the appropriate assets at the appropriate times. Different assets possess different optimal trading periods. American stocks and indices, for example, are best traded between 1300 and 2300 GMT when the New York stock exchange is open.

Still, Australian and Japanese stocks and currency pairings are best traded when the Tokyo stock exchange is open (00:00hrs-09:00hrs GMT).

2. Include a news trading method in your trading plan

Traders can reduce their trading risks and increase their profits by including a news trading technique in their trading plan. One of the key triggers for price change in the binary options market is economic data.

Because binary options have such a diverse variety of tradable assets, there is generally at least one high-impact economic data release per day that substantially impacts market price movement. A trader who keeps track of economic data releases will be able to profit by predicting such changes.

IQ Option Economic calendar

Economic calendars, which can be found for free on numerous online sites such as, are used to track the publication of economic data. Keeping track of economic data might also assist traders in lowering their trading risks.

If traders are unsure of the influence that scheduled economic data will have on the values of the underlying assets, they should avoid trading them.

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3. Diversify your trade

It’s critical to register with a broker that allows you to trade various binary options deals. Traders can then trade the price fluctuation of their preferred assets in a variety of methods. Diversifying your trades can help you increase your market profitability.

Traders can trade contracts like long-term options, short-term options, and Call/Put options on platforms like Option.FM, while other trading contracts accessible in the sector include No Touch options, Pairs, One Touch options, Ladder options, and weekend options.

Ladder trading

Traders can profit up to 500 percent on a single transaction with contracts like weekend options.

4. Keep your money safe

Professional traders are more concerned with risk management than amateur traders are with generating money. Risk management is a tried-and-true method for obtaining consistent performance in the financial markets.

Traders should never put over 5% of their capital on the line in any single deal. There are numerous trading chances available in the market, and no one deal is superior to another. Traders should also use the various unique in-trade management capabilities offered on platforms to reduce risk and increase possible profit.

Make cash with binary options

The Early Close function, for example, allows traders to abandon positions before they expire. This tool will enable traders to lower their overall loss by leaving bad trades. This function can also be utilized to protect gains by exiting profitable deals before they go bad.

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5. Use robots and signals to your advantage

You may wish to use binary robots and signals to ensure that you are constantly one step ahead of the competition. The Internet has altered the way individuals conduct business.

Your brokers may be able to provide you with binary robots, which are pieces of software designed to trade for you when you are unable to. Based on the criteria you establish; the robots will trade anytime an opportunity arises. You must understand what you are doing to get the most out of binary robots.

Binary signals are a form of service that alerts you when it is the perfect time to put or call the chosen asset. Signals will be useful for people who are constantly on the move and unable to keep up with current market trends to make informed financial decisions.

Using signals will put you at ease since you will never miss a chance to make a large profit. For your convenience, the notification will be sent to the phone or email. Beginners and experienced traders alike use signals to improve their binary options trading skills.

How can beginners make money?

Despite the numerous possibilities to go wrong, newbies to binary options trading may profit if they work hard and stick to a method. Controlling risk is crucial in binary options trading.

As a consequence, a trader can rarely lose a lot of money on a single transaction. In theory, a trader has a 50% probability of being correct on any trade, whether they purchase a call or a put option. Thus, to generate profits, a trader only must be correct on approximately 60% of the deals they make.

This indicates that a newbie with no edge (anything that gives a trader a higher than the random probability of making money) needs to figure out how to win around 20% of the deals they make.

Make use of a signaling system

While most aren’t going to offer a trader a substantially better probability of making money than a random person, they should nevertheless benefit the trader. This is the most a trader can hope for.

Of course, there are premium services available, such as elite traders. However, even a free service from a website like a bar chart can provide you with the necessary advantage.

Elite trader platform screenshot

Use technical indications to your advantage

Technical trading entails predicting future moves only based on price activity (price charts). There are many different types of indicators, but moving averages are one of the most common.

Relative strength index, MACD, and Bollinger bands are examples of popular indicators. You can obtain the edge you need to turn some of your would-be losing trades into winners if you can find an indication that performs well for the security you’re trading.

Gold trading with Bollinger bands

Keep track of your results in every Binary Option security

The majority of people would be superior at trading some stocks, commodities, or currency pairs than others. The simple explanation is that each symbol will move uniquely than the others as each has its own set of attributes and traders participating in the price movement.

Stick with what succeeds and increase the size if you locate a few regularly lucrative option transactions. You don’t have to waste time or money on losing trades.

Before investing in Binary Options, you should invest in stocks

If a trader does not utilize leverage and adheres to securities valued over $5, stock trading is much less volatile than binary options trading for a trader’s account.

If you can find out how to get more than 50% of the stock trades right, you can apply what you’ve learned to binary options to increase your earning potential.

Why should you trade binary options?

The advantages of trading binaries over other forms of trading and investing will amaze those just getting started. Stock market investments can result in astronomical returns and are sometimes at high risk. Investing with binary options in stocks may result in an annual return of 10% for some people. You can almost double your investment with binary options trading within minutes. There are many factors that can prove binary options are smart decisions.

Advantages of trading binary options

  • rises your profit significantly
  • you know exactly how much you will win or lose

Disadvantages of trading binary options

  • payout rates differ
  • Losses are possible

It is less risky

Risks are inherent to investments using financial instruments; their levels vary. The value of an asset determines wins and losses in traditional trading. Losses are possible. If the value of that money drops significantly, or if it rises significantly, you profit significantly.

You will not know how much you will earn in advance regardless of whether you win or lose. When you trade binary options, you know exactly how much you will win or lose in advance because you have calculated the amount you can risk before you commit to a trade.

High profit 

A seasoned investor with experience and expertise can profit from both types of trading. A binary trader has an edge when it comes to payouts. It’s important to note that payout rates differ from broker to broker; some brokers may even give you 100% or even more for a winning trade, which means double your investment. Regular traders can make as much as 20% profit if they’re lucky. To realize more profits, you have to buy or sell any assets or by volume in traditional trading. We show you how to trade binary options with volume.

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(Risk warning: Your capital can be at risk)

Asset management is made simpler

There is a huge difference between binary options trading and forex or stock trading. A prediction in the former is simply making a guess in the price movement of an asset. A prediction in the latter is buying assets and then selling them at a later date when their price has appreciated generating profits. Compared to traditional trading, you can see that managing assets in traditional trading is quite complex.

Explanation on how to trade binarys


When you trade binary options, you can earn a profit much faster than when you trade conventionally. If you make the right prediction in binary options short-term trades, you can generate substantial income in seconds, minutes, or even hours. Stock trading is not like that. Stocks can take several days or weeks to increase, even just by a small percentage, before you can sell them to make a little profit when you buy them.

Learning is easier

Traders can easily understand binary options because of their simple mechanism.

Binary options allow you to predict the movement of an asset that can only go in one of two directions.

Identifying and anticipating events that influence such assets’ movement and taking note of patterns and trends that influence asset prices will make it easier for you to make the right predictions.

How to get start to make money with binary options trading?

#1 Create an account

The broker company opens an account for you. In some cases, you have to make a minimum deposit, but in others, you can learn to trade with virtual currencies or credits by opening a demo account.

Registration: Trading with quotex
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#2 Trading begins 

You can begin trading as soon as you have an account. Upon upgrading to a real trading account, you can trade on a demo account. This will allow you to predict when an asset’s price will increase or decrease.

Binary Options demo account and going up or down

#3 Be aware of your earnings

Brokers will show you the percentage amount you will receive if you make the right prediction before committing money to the trade.

Know your payout before trading
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#4 Understand the risks

If you select short-term (30, 60, 120 seconds) or long-term (3, 5 minutes, or longer), you select the amount you want to risk (there is a minimum and maximum amount you can put in).

Set timeframes

#5 Hold on

After all, is accounted for, you click on a lock button and wait.

Wins should be withdrawn. You get what the broker promised you when you hit it right within the timeframe or expiry period, which you can withdraw or deposit to your bank account using any payment method.

Make a deposit

Conclusion: Be aware of the risks and chances of trading with binary options

Overall, binary options trading can make you money. It’s successful for many people every day. Understanding the risks that come with it and the factors involved is key to consistently making a profit. As you have seen in the previous sections, binary options trading offers many advantages if you wish to get started right now

Among other advantages, trading with a specific asset gives you a good idea of where the trade may end up instead of other trading types. has the lowest minimum deposit of any binary options broker. Sign up with today and start making money online.

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