10 reasons why you should trade Binary Options

Binary options were only reserved for the big banks from the early 70s up to 2008, when they used to be traded as Over-the-Counter (Binary Options OTC) market instruments. With the collapse of the stock markets in 2008 as a result of the global financial crisis, there arose a need for alternative investments in which the average Joe on the street without much market knowledge could participate in without the excessive risk profile inherent in other markets. This led to the deregulation of the market in 2008 to allow retail trader participation in the market.

What are the 10 reasons why you should be trading binary options at this time? These are listed below.


1. Reduced risk profile

When compared to other markets like the spot forex market, binary options have a reduced risk profile. In the spot forex market and the stock market, traders have to factor in parameters such as leverage, margin and slippage as these can affect trading outcomes. These parameters have no bearings on trades performed in the binary options market, which means that all a trader has to contend with is the analysis of the trade. He does not need to worry about what price his trade entry is filled at, or whether there is enough margin in the account to support the trade.

2. Reduced entry costs

The cost of starting a binary options trading account is lower than what obtains in other financial markets. A trader can open a trading account with as low as $100 on some binary broker platforms. In the US, it costs as high as $25,000 to open a spot forex account and even more for an options trading account because of the steep margin requirements, effectively shutting out many retail brokers. But the reduced entry costs in the binary options market allow broader participation in the market.

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3. Advance knowledge of profit/loss ratio

In the binary options market, the display of what profits will be made if the trade is successful before the trader executes the trade is an advantage to the trader. This helps traders know in advance whether a trade is worth taking or not and prevents traders from taking unnecessary risks. Such facilities do not exist in other markets and this makes it easier for retail traders to subject themselves to unnecessary risks.

4. Limited loss potential per trade

In the binary options market, any losses sustained are restricted to the amount that was invested into the trade. This reduces the loss potential per trade. This is unlike other markets where it is possible to lose much more than what was invested into the trade, especially when there is a highly volatile market condition that causes slippages to blow through stop-loss settings.


5. Flexibility

The fact that there are several types of trades that can be used to trade assets in the binary options market means that traders have more flexibility and more scenarios to work with.

6. Increased profitability

Due to the short nature of the trade expiries allowable in the binary options market, it is possible for a trader with a good performance to record more profits over time than would be possible in other conventional markets.

7. Reduced cost of trading

The cost of trading binary options is less than in other markets. A trader who trades stocks or options would pay much more in commissions and spreads than a binary options trader.

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8. Simplified trade entry process

The trade entry process in the binary options market is much more simplified than what is obtainable in other markets. To open a trade in the spot forex market for instance, the trader has to calculate the trade volume, set stop loss and profit targets and also decide on what kind of order to use. This leaves beginners especially prone to making mistakes. In the binary options market, all a trader needs to do is to enter the investment amount, choose the expiry and execute the trade.

9. Enhanced trader education

Many binary options brokers offer an extensive educational suite that features binary ebooks, video training, webinars, and other resource materials that a trader can use to increase knowledge about the market. It is relatively rare to see such stuff in other markets.

10. Easy-to-Use platforms

The web-based trading platforms obtainable in the binary options market make it easier to navigate and use for new traders. Many mistakes in the trade order process in forex and other markets can be attributed to the complicated nature of the binary trading platforms, many of which have interfaces that confuse new traders. This is not a problem in the binary options market.

With so many reasons that support binary options trading, traders who are having a tough ride in other markets should make the switch to the binary options market.

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I have been an experienced Binary Options trader for more than ten years. Mainly, I trade 60-second trades at a very high hit rate. My favorite strategies is by using candlesticks and fake-breakouts

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